Short Film

Welcome to Arkhaven Teaser

This Teaser is designed to promote upcoming project, Welcome to Arkhaven
Director of Photography Marcus Guider
Post Production, Wardrobe, & Props by me

Loose Change

Loose Change, written and directed by J.S. Hampton and filmed by Jeremy Osbern is a story of how looks can be deceiving. This film is based on a true story out of Kansas City, where a panhandler was discovered to be more than what he seemed.


Roses are red, Violets are blue, The homicidal humanoid came out of the sewer to toilet paper mâché his deformed body with bile and goop and he’s in the loft above you.

On this film I was a Producer, 1st AD, Editor, and Visual Effects on this film. I wore a lot of hats but it was fun filming a sewer Mummy terrorizing an apartment building.

Life After Beth

As Landon sets up the perfect dinner to win back his ex-girlfriend, he is visited by a mysterious woman named Ofelia who claims to be a “hunter”.

On this film I was a Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, and Visual Effects on this film. This is the first time I used the RED as a D.P. That sucker is heavy.

On Sight

“On Sight” is a psychological thriller about the relationship between Police and Civilians, Duty versus Jurisdiction, the condemning power of Suspicion, and who pays the price.

On this film I did some color work, visual effects, and artwork for the film.

On Sight DVD Cover.jpg

Planet Comicon 2017

We were all set for Planet Comicon, but then Mike got a call from his wife. I’m not sure what was going on with him, but this is what we could salvage from the footage…

I both shot and edited this one. The room was so loud I couldn’t hear anything being said and has no idea what we got until we reviewed the footage after the shoot. I was pleasantly surprised.

One Man’s Trash

Three slacker siblings living off their grandmother are thrown into chaos when their grandmother asses away. Now they have to learn to survive in the real world and make an honest living for the first time. But can these disfuncional brats succeed?

See the full film here:

An Even Better Place

It’s hard enough for this guy to score with his new girlfriend, but now he has to take care of her ex-boyfriend Chuck. Who happens to be in the trunk?

I have no idea what happened with this one. It wasn’t made, it was committed like a crime.

Picture a Girl with Red Hair

Have you ever been infatuated with someone you’ve never met? Are you even sure they’re real? This photographer’s life starts to fall apart around him, watch as he tries to hold onto the only thing he cares about.

Art films are difficult to edit. This film bounced around between a few editors before we could finally lock down a structure that worked for this type of story. Hint; the photos are his memories.

Dishes and Wishes

If you found a genie what would you wish for? This dishwasher down on his luck makes the perfect wish, or does he? I directed and did post production on this film. The genie and the dishwasher were never on set together and were filmed cities apart.

Underground Tales of the Eternal Return (Tasteful Nudity)

Underground Tales of the Eternal Return invites us to think of a world emerging from elements of chaos. How to understand the eternal return in a globalized world sick of greed, politics, war and religion? How to understand what’s going on outside, if we don’t enter first in our spiritual inner wisdom and consciousness?

I had a lot of creative freedom animating this project and it was fun animating elements created by Valerie Campos.

Best Christmas Ever

When Santa comes through the chimney he’s not there just to give, but to receive, and it will cost you more than just milk and cookies this year.

The Hobbit Official Party Trailer

For fun I decided to edit all three Hobbit films together in ont 2 hour film. Then I made this spectacular trailer out of the removed content.

Star Trek The Continuous Franchise – Wrath of Woman

On a mission to deliver medicine to Vetabar 7, Kirk is distracted by the lure of a planet full of only women that he discovered on an online dating site. Meanwhile Spock and Nurse Chapel Have to overcome their own sexual digressions. How will the Women of the Enterprise react when These women attempt to steal all of their men?

Star Trek the Continuous Franchise is a re-edit and redub of Star Trek the Animated Series.