Demo Reels

These Demo Reels showcase my strongest work. I know that it is unusual to have multiple reels, but the diversity and range of my work merited creating multiple reels for different types of jobs for which I place bids.

Digital Enhancement

This reel began as a color grading reel but became so much more as a lot of my work has been to enhance footage on a much deeper level.

Motion Graphics

This reel is more for corporate clients showcasing my ability to enhance logos, animation and branding for any business.

Visual Effects

This reel showcases my strongest work in narrative visual effects and animation.

Director of Photography

Although I primarily work in post production, I love to get behind the camera and work on set as well.

Animated Logos and Titles Reel

I’ve fallen back in love with making animated titles and logos. I’ve made so many at this point that I was curious how many I could find and how long it would be if I put them all together in one video. The answer is 194 animated logos at 15:24. The logos and text needed to move, if it were just static text then this would be three times as long. This still isn’t everything. I left out confidential unfinished projects and there is a ton I didn’t keep copies of from various jobs over the years.
I want to try to double this sooner than later.