Music Video

Cigarette Love – Johnney Williams

Nicotine is a drug. and like a drug it’s addictive and difficult to quit.

This music video was very fun to edit. I had a lot of great footage to play with. This is one of my favorite music videos in my repertoire.

Bad Side – Syn City Cowboys

This music video took two workdays to edit. One day to sync up the 13 video tracks, visual effects, and color grade, and one day to edit the video. I was in the zone and love this video. I’m on the Bad side.

So Far Away – Rebecca Arnold

Rebecca Arnold is an up and coming vocalist who needed a great video to match her great voice. One of the most painful things I needed to do was make this black and white. The color footage was spectacular.

What you Want – Johnney Williams

This video was difficult to edit because they gave me so many fun shots of high speed movement to play with. I had a great time doing speed ramping, mirroring, and match cutting that makes this video so much fun to watch.

Drown – Megan Leigh

Beautiful, elegant and simple is what I had wanted and I feel that this is exactly what I had envisioned for my video. It makes me absolutely happy! ~ Megan Leigh

Ton Up – Solars

Here a video I edited during the Covid 19 Quarantine. Filmed from home, edited at home.

My Lucky Stars – The Capsules

I created this video for my music video course in college. I knew the band and thought this would be a fun concept for a music video. Check out some of my early effects work.

Love is Blindness – Jack White (Director of Photography)

A student of mine Hayley asked me if I’d like to film her music video. This was filmed on a t5i with a set of Rokinon Cine lenses. I liked these lenses so much I bought a set of my own. Check out this video we shot in a day.

Scapegoats – Chumbawamba

This music video is made up entirely of news clips gathered online. I was instantly inspired to create this after hearing this song for the first time.

There are exactly 25 goats in this video, can you spot them all?

Its Not Getting Any Better – Inner Party System (Fun Vacation Video)

While at Walmart I noticed some toy spy cameras on sale for $5 so I bought one to play with. My wife and I went on a vacation to Philadelphia and I thought it would be fun to document the experience with these weird cheap little toys and make a video about it.