Honor Vodka

For this Honor Vodka ad I created the Bottle graphic as well as appeared as a frantic crew member. This was very fun to shoot and animate.



Have you ever seen a powerful speaker built in the most epic and classy way possible? Now you have.



This video was the beginning of something new for me. This client was beginning to grow tired of standard informative videos, so I took a risk. This footage was shot on RED which gave me a lot of range to color grade it into a spooky epic look that was unintentional. Then I edited it like a horror trailer. The client loved it so much they signed on with us with a renewed contract. The Neolith was epic and deserved an epic video.


KU Basketball Promo

Jeremy Osbern gained access to side court during a KU Basketball game to shoot some incredible high-speed footage. I had a lot of fun editing this promo, this was my first opportunity to do some speed ramping with sports footage. Rock Chalk! Go KU!



Beautiful, Epic, and Classy! I wanted this video to show just how amazing the process of building world class speakers can be. Paradigm Persona.


Hurst Diamonds – Sirena

I created 4 spots for Hurst Diamonds in very little time, but just in time for the Holidays.


Premium Wireless Series

Enough with Epic, Classy, and Dramatic, lets have some fun this Summer with the Premium Wireless Series.


Paladin Sequence: Behemoth

This was a fun series of videos to create for Lance Tuck’s new Book series, The Apophis Codex. In this video Lance discusses the Behemoth!


AE Wealth Management / Means Financial Group

I edit videos for AE Wealth Management which oversees hundreds of retirement investment counselors. I build a Storybrand video and About Us video for each of their these counselors like Jerry Means with the Means Financial Group.


Prestige Series

The Prestige Trailer is epic, but if you want to learn more about what it really is, here is the video detailing the product’s features.


Classic ESL 9

These videos are shot with the people who actually build these speakers, not all of them are great with public speaking and it can be a challenge to edit sometimes. But there is a great quality to hearing from real professionals. The Classic 9.


Crafted in Canada

This video is like How it’s Made, but for this brand of professional loudspeakers. Getting it under 3 minutes was a challenge because there are so many interesting facts about the process.


National Science Foundation – EPSCoR

While still in College I was freelancing in film. I created this and several more videos for the National Science Foundation. As a student it was fun hiring my friends for real work.


Total Solar DG: High Standards for Technical Safety and Quality

Total Solar is one of the largest Solar power providers and I was happy to edit this video for them. Filmed in Singapore, edited in Sweden. It was fun being in a conference call with people on 3 continents. Timing was an issue. Who’s the sexy voice?… It’s me.