48 Hour Film

The following films had to have been fully created (concept to completion) in a given period of time with a list of specific criteria that needed to be included in the film. Some of these competitions range from 10 hours, 48 hours, 60 hours and 72 hours.

This sounds like a recipe for disaster but we became very successful at it and one of these films even rose to the Cannes film festival in France!


The Donald Gordon Story

Donald Gordon loses his job and then his mind as he sees a camera following his every movement. Donald Gordon Story was selected as one of the top films worldwide from the 48 Hour Film Project. As a result the film was accepted and played in the Cannes film festival in France. This small town film held its own against the films with large budgets, celebrities, and vast resources.


Pitch Session

5 filmmakers discuss what kind of film to make for a timed film competition, but their pitch session quickly devolves into a nightmarish spiral of never-ending meta bullshit. Made for the 2016 48 Hour Film Project – Kansas City. Winner of Best Editing, Best Screenplay and First Place.


Sturgeon’s Law

“Sturgeon’s Law”, Rocked the house at the 48 Hour Film Competition. Written and Directed by Joe Carey,  Photography and Editing by Derek Sellens, producing by Kai Winikka, Alex Backus, and Ashley Mayer, and the hard work of a hell of a lot of people!


Businesses & Bosses

The Four Points Film Competition is a 72 Hour event run by the 48HFP. Teams from around the world compete and vote for the winner online. After a long online voting battle we ended up victorious winning the most votes! This film won the main prize and moved on to Filmapalooza at the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles.


Normal Life Extended

“Normal Life” was written, performed, and edited in under 60 hours for the Colchester 60 Hour Film Competition. The film, by Beached Whale Productions, was created out of Kansas City in the United States, with a little bit of help from our Dutch friends.


MTSVU Extended Cut

We set out to create another film in 48 hours, like the insane weirdos we are, we decided to take on too much and went crazy with it. This film has everything from awesome Aerials, Crowd Shots, Crime Scenes, interrogations, balloons, lollipops and more. Did I mention it’s a musical?


The Last Chance

The Last Chance won best Cinematography at the 2015 Chicago 48 Hour Film Competition! Congrats to our United States Unit Tony Ontiveros and our Poland Unit Bartosz Bobkowski and Grzegorz Gospodarek! These two locations operated in unison in 48 hours to create this complete piece!


Saved by the Bell

This film was written, filmed, and edited in 48 hours, and in three different countries. The Kansas portion, written and directed by Joe Carey,  with Director of Photography and Lead Editor Derek Sellens editing together the complete film with footage from around the world. It was really interesting and exciting working with people from so far away in such a short amount of time, but our process was clean and easy to execute.


Channel Surfing

Channel Surfing! Winner 1st place at the One night Stand film fest. Our film must have been written, filmed, edited, and put on DVD in only 10 hours and must have contained the following criteria: “How dare you?”, mp3 player, theme good vs. evil.