Behold the insanity of my older college and high school films!

D’s Nuts

We’re not A B C we’re D’s Nuts! This commercial was so loved and hated that it became a recurring joke for years to come.


Magic Carpet – 2anormal

We shot some footage on a green-screen, could you make us a music video with this? Why yes, yes I can…


The ABCs of Jem (Warning: strong language)

Jem and the Holograms have just released a new single showcasing their new attitude.


In a Nutshell

I decided to go all out creating one huge inside joke for the Wild West Film Festival. This film was shot, edited and completed in only 2 days. As someone who runs the festival, this film was not eligible for any awards.


No Story and Kick Ass

The title says everything you need to know about this film. I shot, edited and did VFX for this film with no story, but it does kick ass.


It Lives 2: Christmas Buga-loo

Rodger once again claws his way from the depths of hell. This Christmas he returns for vengeance on those who sent him there. Merry Christmas, and a Deadly New Year!


2 Guys 1 Dream

What’s your dream? This man wants to become the world’s largest man. So I coach him through the process.


Loss & Lugubriosity

In college we created so many films that I had a library of insane behind the scenes shenanigans that were going unused. So what could I do but put them together to create one insane collaboration of college film mishaps.

Most Original Film – Freestate Festival 2008


Loss & Lugubriosity 2

This award winning series returns! Did I say Award Winning? Yes both of these film have received awards in their festival run. Festival run? Yes these stupid things were not one accepted but awarded in film festivals.

People’s Choice Award – Filmworks Film Festival 2009